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Hello, and welcome to Novoschool!
We have designed these Hungarian exercises to help us understand
what would be the best group for you to study in.
  1. Please complete as many of the exercises as you can, without using a dictionary, a study book, or a relative for help!
  2. The difficulty of the exercises increases progressively, and it is likely that you will not know how to complete some, or many, of them. This is ok- just skip to the parts that you do know.  
  3. If you understand the question, but only know the answer in English, please answer in English- this too will be helpful for us to see how much you understand.
After you submit your test, we will email you with your test results within two working days. 
Thank you, and good luck!
No, thank you, take me back to the main page of Hunagrain courses.
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